Developing A Creative Mindset

Written by Peter Wamae  

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We often think of creativity as exclusively intended for the painting artists, but it is a crucial component in all sets of our life. 1974 before Motorola made its first development of a mobile phone. People used to form long queues to make calls in telephone booths. Think of how awkward communication was, back then. See, without creativity and inventiveness, you wouldn’t have the privilege to use the mobile phone that helps you talk with your friends and family. It’s creativity that harnesses the running water into hydroelectricity and later uses that electricity to light up the bulb under your roof. Without creativity, we obviously wouldn’t have the needle or the mousetrap!

Now, in this blog, I’m going to share with you How To Develop A Creative Mindset. Creativity is the art to use your imagination and new approaches to transform your ordinary life into desirable. It’s your imagination that turns chaos into the design.

Creativity is an essential thinking art that enables you to “think outside the box” and to come up with new solutions to your problems.

-Peter Wamae

The Purpose Of Developing Your Creativity

Do you want to learn and find yourself and the opportunities around you? When you realize something about yourself, it can surprise you. You might find the truth that you have gifts and talents you never thought or any of your friends ever understood. Creativity compels us to embrace ourselves the way we are with all our imperfections and shortcomings for a change. When you turn to be a creative person, you will be able to see openings where most people wouldn’t notice.

If there can be something so worthwhile is when you realize your purpose in life. Creativity gives you a sense of purpose. A sense of purpose or meaning is the basis that drives you toward a gratifying future. It also helps you to get the most from the things you do and achieve – great and small – right now. A Sense of Purpose gives you the meaning of life and helps you make priorities in your life.

When you feel good and worthy, in that good sense, it means having a sense of self-respect. Creativity provides us with a sense of pride and achievement. You can be met with your accomplishments and be proud of something great you have done. People in jail long for freedom. Those who are living in a hard situation also long for independence. Creativity also gives you freedom and self-governance. You can bring freedom now with a creative mindset.

Creativity promotes thinking and problem-solving. The process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something is essential, and therefore, creativity helps you to begin and encourage this process. Creativity enables you to think about something in a reasonable, sensible way and come up with solutions. If you would like to be achieving or producing a substantial amount or result, you have to be creative. Creativity enables you to be productive and prolific.

Creativity empowers you to affect those around you positively. It’s important to note that people who’ve made a real difference aren’t all furnished, advantaged, or “special” by any range. Many come from disadvantaged backgrounds, breaking circumstances and initially limited capacities, but have realized the means to mount up and rise above their circumstances to change their own lives and affect those around them.

To have control of yourself is to have the power to run your life in an orderly way. Creativity gives you the ability to control your life. A creative person maintains control over his decision and action that might otherwise lead to problems or frustration.

Along the journey in my life, I have come to realize there are various ways you can develop creativeness. Here are some of the ways I have found most helpful in developing my creativity.

The Means Of Developing Your Creativity

  • Be ready to improve your perception.

First of all, You must be ready to improve your perception. Perceive means “to see,”; so if you are perceptive, you are good at seeing things. If you are observant, you are good at understanding things or figuring things out. Sharp people are insightful, intelligent, and able to see what others cannot. You must be able to use your common sense to be creative by that I mean, you have to be good at noticing something.

  • Be willing to receive new ideas from others.

Let me make this straight and break down this to you. To become a creative person, you don’t have to have control of all the ideas. You must be willing to learn some thoughts from others. Be prepared to try ideas from others as well.

  • Cultivate mindfulness

Again, you must cultivate mindfulness. To be mindful is to stay awake or to pay close attention to your responsibilities. A responsible person is someone who knows what they are required to do as an intrinsic part of a community.

  • You must be able to set priorities

Prioritizing means to order something in a series of importance. There are so many actions you require to get connected in when establishing any plan––you should be sure to set priorities on the ones that are of more weight, or you’ll get burned out.

  • You must be able to set deadlines

To set a period means to set a date or time when you must complete something. Most projects have periods. If you don’t get something in by the deadline, you won’t be able to make an accomplishment.

  • You must learn how to improvise

Improvise is a word that I have often used so repeatedly back in my school days that involves doing (something) from whatever is available.

  • You must be generally fit at imagining things

To imagine something is to write it in your head. When you form an image something in your mind, you are using your vision. When you picture what you want in life, you gain the momentum to do what it takes to achieve it.

  • You must develop discipline

Disciplined people have self-control. You must be conscious of the outcomes of your action and ready for hurting for the sake of reinforcing obedience and perfecting moral character.

  • You must be descriptive

Last but not least, You must be descriptive. An expressive person is clear and specific and helps you imagine a scene you didn’t testify. Some people are so inexplicit such that if you ask them what’s their problem, they can’t even describe what their issues are. Be descriptive!


Along the journey in my life, I came to realize that creativity is so critical. Several years ago, hundreds of students and many public school teachers had already benefited from my training initiatives. If it weren’t creativity, I wouldn’t be able to coin and accept new ideas from others who were there doing similar projects like the one I was doing. I couldn’t have set anything.

You must be ready to learn some ideas from others and be prepared to try opinions from other people as well. If you develop a creative mindset, you will be able to actualize and explore yourself and the opportunities around you, be empowered to express yourself, have a sense of purpose, and be able to think and solve your problems.

Creativity will provide you with a sense of pride and achievement. have the ability to influence and lead others. You will become productive and prolific; be empowered to affect those around you positively and have the ability to control your life.

To formulate your creativity, always remember to improve your perception, be ready to receive valuable ideas from others, cultivate mindfulness, be able to distinguish how to set priorities. Be smart to set deadlines, learn how to improvise, be generally fit at being imaginative, be relevant, develop discipline, be descriptive, and always be precise.


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